Welcome to the COST Action site ASL in Dementia!

Dementia is a major clinical challenge with care costs approaching 1% of global GDP. Recent estimates suggest that delaying disease onset by 5 years would halve its prevalence. As new disease-modifying treatments will be specific to causative diseases, expensive and bear significant side effects, early diagnosis of dementia will be essential. Current diagnostic criteria include the use of image-based biomarkers using radiotracers. The AID Action aims at coordinating the development of an alternative and cost-effective tool based on an MRI technique, Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL), to obtain reproducible brain perfusion measurements in dementia patients by bringing together scientists and clinicians from across Europe through the flexibility of the COST mechanism. To learn more about ASL and its scientific community, please visit www.asl-network.org.

The aim of the Action is to improve and validate the Arterial Spin Labelling MRI technology to permit its development as a reliable clinical tool for the diagnosis and follow-up of dementia, providing reproducible and comparable quantitative measurements of cerebral perfusion independent of the hardware manufacturer, the main magnetic field strength at which it is performed (1,5T, 3.0T or 7.0T), or the particular proprietary technology employed, together with the necessary harmonised post-processing, statistical analysis and cross-validation software to be employed in clinical trials.